Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions (the "General Terms and Conditions") apply when you as a consumer (the "Customer") place an order via www.leathershopdoci.nl and related pages (the "Website"). The agreement is concluded between the Customer and Mezam BV, Nikkelstraat 23, 4823 AE breda, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number KVK 68323719 and VAT number NL.857392499.B01 Detailed contact information and other information about Leather Shop Doci are available on the Website mention. The General Terms and Conditions only apply to Customers who are consumers.

The Customer must be at least 18 years old to be able to order via the Website. Leather Shop Doci reserves the right to refuse or change the order of the Customer (eg when the Customer has provided incorrect personal data and / or is registered for payment arrears).

Leather Shop Doci is not responsible when products become sold out. Leather Shop Doci is not liable for incorrect images or errors on the Website, eg errors in the product description or the technical specification, incorrect prices and price adjustments (such as price changes by suppliers or currency changes). Leather Shop Doci is not responsible for incorrect information about whether or not a product is in stock. Leather Shop Doci has the right to rectify such errors and to change or update information at any time. If an incorrect price is displayed for a product ordered by the Customer, then Leather Shop Doci will notify the Customer of this and wait for Customer's approval of the adjusted price before Leather Shop Doci will continue the order process. All images on the Website are for illustration purposes only. Such illustrations offer no guarantee as to the number of products that the Customer will receive, how the product looks, works or where it was produced. Leather Shop Doci is not responsible for information given by third parties on the Website.

The Website and all content on it is the property of Leather Shop Doci or its licensors. The information comes under the legal protection for intellectual property and marketing. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphics, design, layout and information about products, services and other content may not be copied or used without the prior written approval of Leather Shop Doci.

To be able to place an order via the Website, the Customer must accept the General Terms and Conditions. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the Customer undertakes to comply with the General Terms and Conditions as a whole and the Customer confirms that he / she has read the information about personal data and authorizes the use of personal data and cookies in accordance with the Integrity Policy of Leather Shop. Doci, as explained on the Website.

A purchase agreement is only concluded when Leather Shop Doci has confirmed the order of the Customer and the Customer has received an order confirmation from Leather Shop Doci via e-mail. Leather Shop Doci requests the Customer to keep the order confirmation in order to simplify any contact with the Leather Shop Doci customer service. The Customer has the option to cancel his / her order until it has been confirmed by Leathershop Doci. If the order is canceled, Leather Shopp Doci will refund any payments made by the Customer or his / her bank / credit card company in connection with the order.

If the Customer registers his / her user account and / or places an order on the Website, the Customer will be asked to provide certain personal information. The Customer declares that the information provided is correct and complete, and declares to be responsible if these data contain errors. Information about the handling of personal data by Leather Shop Doci is available in the Integrity Policy of Leather Shop Doci.

The Customer undertakes to ensure that nobody, in addition to the Customer, uses the Client's login details. The Customer may not disclose his / her username or password to anyone else and ensures that all documentation with information about the user name and password is stored in such a way that unauthorized persons can not access it. If there is a suspicion that an unauthorized person has gained access to the Customer's password, the Customer must immediately inform Leather Shop Doci about this. If the Customer does not inform Leather Shop Doci, the Customer is responsible for all purchases made with the Customer's login details.

If Leather Shop Doci suspects that the Customer is abusing his / her user account or login details or otherwise violates the Terms and Conditions, Leather Shop Doci has the right to block the Customer from accessing his / her user account. Leather Shop Doci also has the right to give the Customer new login details.

The prices displayed on the Website apply to orders placed on the Website. All prices are shown in Euro and include VAT. The prices are exclusive of payment or freight costs; these are listed separately.

The Customer can pay his / her purchase via the payment methods stated on the Website. For the Netherlands we accept all banks listed at IDEAL + Mastercard and VISA. In front of payments from Belgium you can use Belfius and Mister Cash.

Leather Shop Doci has the right to have the Customer pay at the time of placing the order. Leather Shop Doci reserves the right not always to offer all payment methods and to change the payment method when the method chosen by the Customer does not work, regardless of the reason, at the time the order is placed. Any restrictions on the payment methods offered are stated on the Website.

Shipping costs Netherlands
Within the Netherlands our standard shipping costs are € 7.95, - (inc VAT) up to an amount of € 99.95, - For total costs from € 100, - the shipping costs are free. We ship our packages via DHL, and are usually delivered the next day after the order. If the package has to be delivered to a different 'than your own' address, you can indicate this during the order.

Shipping costs Belgium
The shipping costs to Belgium and other European countries are € 10, - regardless of the total amount. Hereby exchanging an article 1x free for the Benelux customers. We ship our packages via DHL, and are usually delivered the next day or no later than 2 working days after the order. If the package has to be delivered to a different 'than your own' address, you can indicate this during the order.

Leather Shop Doci may occasionally place special promotions on the Website that may have more favorable terms than those mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, eg with regard to payments or a longer reflection period. Such conditions apply as long as the special promotion is in effect and for the products specifically indicated by Leather Shop Doci. Leathershop Doci reserves the right to withdraw such special promotions at any time. After termination or withdrawal of a special promotion, these Terms and Conditions are effective without any modification to them. Offers with regard to specific products on the Website are only valid for a limited period and as long as stocks last.

Products that are in stock are usually delivered within the number of working days indicated on the Website. Unless otherwise agreed (eg in connection with the reservation of products that are not in stock) delivery will take place within 14 working days after Leather Shop Doci has confirmed the order in writing via the order confirmation. More information about the delivery of products by Leather Shop Doci and the delivery conditions is set out in the delivery information.

The expected delivery time is indicated on the Website in the order confirmation, at the time of payment and / or on the current product page. When the delivery is delayed, Leather Shop Doci will inform the Customer about this and continue to monitor the order. If not expressly agreed otherwise, the Customer has the right to cancel the purchase if a delivery is delayed by more than 14 working days and this was not caused by the fault of the Customer.

If a package needs to be picked up at a certain delivery point, the Customer must do so within the time period indicated on the notice. In such cases, orders must be collected personally with a valid ID and order number. The Customer will receive a message about the delivery, indicating when and where the package can be picked up or received. This message can be sent via e-mail, regular mail and, if the Customer has provided a mobile telephone number, via telephone or SMS. Leather Shop Doci has the right to charge a surcharge of € 15 to the Customer when an order is not picked up.

When products are purchased on the Website, the Customer has a cooling-off period of 14 days in accordance with the applicable consumer protection legislation. This means that the Customer has the right to revoke a purchase by informing Leather Shop Doci about this within 14 days after receipt of the ordered product by the Customer or his / her representative.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to the following products:
(a) products that are specifically tailored to the Customer or that have been clearly acquired in a personal way;
(b) products whose seal has been broken.

By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that the right of withdrawal does not apply in the above cases.

The Customer will be clearly informed when he / she orders a product to which the right of withdrawal does not apply. If a product is sealed, the Customer may not break the seal if he / she wishes to make use of the right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal expires at the moment the Customer breaks the seal.

If the Customer wishes to revoke a purchase, the Customer must send a clear message to Leather Shop Doci before the end of the cooling-off period, as described here. The Customer will state his / her name, address and other relevant information such as an order number, invoice number and the name of the product in the message. If the Customer does not wish to make use of the aforementioned manner of reporting, the Customer can use the standard form for revocation of the Authority for Consumers and Markets.

If the Customer makes use of the right of withdrawal, the Customer will pay the return shipping costs and, after the Customer or his / her representative has received the product and during the return shipment, be responsible for the condition in which the product is. The Customer will send the return to Leather Shop Doci within 14 days from the date the Customer informed Leather Shop Doci of the revocation. The product will be well packaged, in good condition and shipped in its original packaging. Return shipments must be sent to Leather Shop Doci in accordance with the methods and instructions stated on the Website.

Leather Shop Doci can offer free return shipments for certain products at any time. If a free return shipment applies, this will be indicated on the Website with the relevant product.

If the Customer revokes his / her purchase, Leather Shop Doci will refund the amount paid by the Customer for the product excluding the freight costs incurred by Leather Shop Doci. Any extra shipping costs as a result of the Customer's choice for a different delivery method than the standard option offered by Leather Shop Doci will not be reimbursed. When a purchase is only partially revoked (eg if not all received items are returned), the paid shipping costs will not be refunded. Leather Shop Doci has the right to deduct an amount corresponding to the depreciation of the product against its original value on the amount that is reimbursed, if and insofar as this value reduction is caused by the Customer's longer-term product. has used time than is necessary to assess its functioning or characteristics.

Leather Shop Doci will refund the amount to be reimbursed without further delay, but no later than 14 days after the date that Leather Shop Doci received notice of the cancellation. However, Leather Shop Doci may postpone the reimbursement until Leather Shop Doci has received the product or until the Customer provides evidence that the product has been returned, eg by means of a shipping receipt. Reimbursement to the Customer will take place via the payment method chosen by the Client at the time of the original order unless otherwise agreed or if there are impediments to such a method of reimbursement.

In the unlikely event that you have not made the right size or choice, you can use the return form on the website for a quick solution or settlement, to exchange or return your product. www.leathershopdoci.nl/retouraanvraag.

You may of course fit articles, but when exchanging or returning the item should reasonably be unused and in good condition. This means that the item must be returned in its original packaging. In addition, you may never pick up the label. If you do not meet these conditions, we can not exchange or take back the article.

Items can be registered within 14 days after receipt of your order for return. Always use our return form on the website to return us for the return shipment. You do this www.leathershopdoci.nl/retouraanvraag. As soon as we have processed your request, you will receive confirmation from us that you may return the articles. All items must be returned unworn, undamaged and, if reasonably, with labels attached.

For a change to another size, you will receive a return label from us. You can then print it out, stick it on the box and hand it in at the nearest DHL parcel in your area. This is free for the first time. If you want to exchange something several times, we will charge the costs. The shipping costs for the exchange of clearance items and items under € 100, - come at the expense of the buyer. If you want to exchange a product to a different size or item, you have to register this via the return form and return it yourself. If an item has been exchanged and subsequently returned, the exchange costs incurred will be deducted in the event of a refund. The costs for returning (if you do not like a product or other reasons) are also at the buyer's expense. For return you can use the address on the enclosed return letter.

Items that are specially produced or ordered by us at the request of the customer can unfortunately not be returned, as we have it specially made to measure or color.

Always keep the proof of shipment of your return until it has been successfully completed. A return is handled successfully once the purchase amount has been refunded to your bank account. Leather Shop Doci is not responsible for packages that are lost during return.

Once the returned items have arrived, the items are checked for damage or missing details. It is also possible that we can refuse a coat if it smells of food smell or nicotine. The return will then be processed as soon as possible, so that the purchase price (less the shipping costs) is returned to your account within 14 days after your return.

The statutory warranty rules and terms apply to all articles. The legal guarantee means that a product must do what can reasonably be expected of it. With the products of Leather Shop Doci, this means that all articles, provided that the washing instructions and the correct care are met, can be worn for at least one year. Leather Shop Doci is not responsible for damage to items that have arisen during the return. We recommend that you always return the item in its original packaging.

Some Leather Shop Doci products are covered by a warranty. Information about warranty periods and special conditions are listed per product on the Website or in these General Terms and Conditions. The product warranty covers only original manufacturing defects, and therefore not faults arising from or after the implementation of own modifications regarding the operation or the appearance of the product, such as adjustment, improvement or other configuration changes to the product. The order confirmation from the Customer is a guarantee certificate.

A warranty period of 2 months applies to zips. Should a defect occur after this period, we will first see if this is a factory fault, or that this may have happened with the wrong or inconvenient zippers. In the event of a manufacturing defect, we will repair the zipper free of charge within a period of 6 months after the purchase of the jacket. In other cases for repair work, we only charge the cost price.

The advertising right applies to products that are defective according to the applicable consumer protection legislation. The Customer who wishes to exercise his / her right of complaint for a product that he / she has ordered must contact Leather Shop Doci as quickly as possible after discovering the defect, whereby the Customer will use the contact information that the Website is provided. Complaints that are submitted by the Customer within two months after the discovery of the defect are always considered as on time.

Leather Shop Doci will pay the costs of the return shipment for all legitimate claims.

If a product for which a complaint has been submitted has been returned and the complaint has been declared well-founded, Leather Shop Doci will reimburse the Customer in accordance with the applicable consumer protection legislation. Leather Shop Doci strives to do this within 30 days after Leather Shop Doci has received the complaint, although depending on the nature of the product, it may sometimes take longer. Leather Shop Doci reserves the right to declare the complaint unfounded if the product does not appear to be defective in accordance with the applicable consumer protection laws. In case of complaints, Leather Shop Doci will follow the guidelines as drawn up by the Authority for Consumers and Markets.

Leather Shop Doci may link to other websites that are not under the control of Leather Shop Doci, and other websites that are not under the control of Leather Shop Doci may link to the Website. Although Leathershop Doci strives to link only to websites with similar provisions regarding personal data and security, as set out in Leathershop Doci's Integrity Policy, Leathershop Doci is not responsible for the protection or confidentiality of information or personal data that the Customer has other websites. The Customer must be careful and read the provisions regarding personal data on the relevant websites.

Leather Shop Doci is not liable for delays caused by circumstances beyond the control of Leather Shop Doci such as general labor disputes, acts of war, fires, lightning strikes, terrorist attacks, altered government measures, technical problems, interruptions in the power supply, tele- / computer communication or other forms of communication, and defects or delays in the services provided by sub-suppliers as a result of circumstances as described here. Such circumstances lead to an exemption from damages and other sanctions. If such circumstances arise, Leather Shop Doci will inform the Customer accordingly, both at the beginning and at the end of the period in which the relevant circumstances occur. If the circumstances occur for more than two months, both the Customer and Leather Shop Doci have the right to revoke the purchase with immediate effect.

Leather Shop Doci reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. All changes to these Terms and Conditions will be placed on the Website. The changes take effect when the Customer accepts the General Terms and Conditions (in connection with a new purchase or when visiting the Website) or 30 days after Leather Shop Doci has informed the Customer about the changes. However, Leather Shop Doci advises the Customer to visit the Website regularly so that he / she is informed when the Terms and Conditions are changed.

If a provision of this agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable by a competent court, authority or arbitral tribunal, the remainder of that provision shall remain and the other provisions shall remain in full force, insofar as the applicable legislation permits. Provisions that have been declared invalid or unenforceable will be replaced by relevant legal guidelines and advice.

We advise you to first report complaints to us by emailing shop@leathershopdoci.nl. If this does not lead to a solution, then it is possible to register your dispute for mediation via Stichting WebwinkelKeur. From 15 February 2016, it is also possible for consumers in the EU to register complaints via the ODR platform of the European Commission. This ODR platform can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/odr. If your complaint is not dealt with elsewhere yet, you are free to deposit your complaint via the European Union platform. "

Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of these General Terms and Conditions are subject to and will be interpreted in accordance with Dutch law and will only be settled by Dutch courts.

1. The entrepreneur has a well-publicized complaints procedure and handles the complaint in accordance with this complaints procedure.
2. Complaints about the execution of the agreement must be submitted fully and clearly described to the entrepreneur within 7 days, after the consumer has discovered the defects.
3. Complaints submitted to the entrepreneur will be answered within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt. If a complaint requires a foreseeable longer processing time, the entrepreneur will respond within the period of 14 days with a notice of receipt and an indication when the consumer can expect a more detailed answer.
4. If the complaint can not be resolved by mutual agreement, a dispute arises that is susceptible to the dispute settlement.
5. In the event of complaints, a consumer must first turn to the entrepreneur. For complaints that can not be resolved in mutual consultation, the consumer should turn to Stichting WebwinkelKeur (www.webwinkelkeur.nl), which will mediate free of charge. Should a solution not be found, the consumer has the opportunity to have his complaint dealt with by the independent disputes committee appointed by Stichting WebwinkelKeur, the decision of this is binding and both entrepreneur and consumer agree with this binding decision. The submission of a dispute to this disputes committee involves costs that the consumer must pay to the relevant committee. It is also possible to register complaints via the European ODR platform (http://ec.europa.eu/odr).
6. A complaint does not suspend the obligations of the entrepreneur, unless the entrepreneur indicates otherwise in writing.
7. If a complaint is found to be well-founded by the trader, the trader will replace or repair the products at its option or the delivered products free of charge.